School of Biblical Christian Worldview (SBCW)
Applied Christian Thinking

Gain a biblical perspective of society, science, and international relations

About the course

Why do you believe in what you believe? What is Truth? This school will help you understand and be able to respond to current day issues from a biblical perspective.
It will help sharpen your passion and give tangible things you can do to live a life of purpose and fulfilment.

What happens in this course?

This three-month course takes you on a journey to find out more about the God who speaks through all aspects of life, and then challenges you to renew your mind and take a thoughtful Christian view into our world to make a lasting difference. You will discover the world through God’s eyes and understand what He wants to do through you in the place that you live in. Learning will be hands-on as we visit historic and significant places in Italy.

Training Phase (3 Months)

Learn from renown speakers and experts in the area of social transformation. What is Truth? When you hear this statement what comes to mind? For 12 weeks we will set out on a quest of discovering biblical truth through the lens of what shapes our

Biblical Worldview
Politics/ International Relations / Public Policy Bioethics: A Biblical Worldview in Medical Ethics Poverty, Entrepreneurship and Economic Justice Creative Arts, Literature and Culture Environmental Stewardship
Science & Missions
Global view of politics, art, history and literature Geography and languages
Biblical justice
Human flourishing
Comparative Worldviews

More About This Course

Grasp a comprehensive global view of the world Be able to see what the Lord has done throughout world history and understand how you can specifically serve to see the greatest good accomplished.

Learn how science has developed
Application of Bible-based Christian principles in communities and spheres of society
Discover a Bible-based Christian worldview.
Gain ability to articulate your own worldview and reflect upon others.
Learn how to professionally bring your vision into the real world.
Learn to write a project for social care, Church, NGO’s, businesses, environmental care or political engagements.

What makes this course unique?

An intensive study of worldview and critical thinking. Join us in a quest for truth. This course takes you on a journey to find out more about God, challenge you to renew your mind, take a thoughtful Christian view into the world, and make a lasting difference.

UofN Certificate

Certificate of Completion from YWAM’s University of the Nations (UofN) is given upon successful completion of the entire course. (All YWAM-related fees and materials are included in the Program Cost)

Start Date

13 January 2025

Arrival Date

11-12 January 2025

Departure Date

4 April 2025

Registration Fee

€50 (non-refundable)

School Cost



English and Portuguese

* There will be additional costs for an optional outreach after the school.

* Scholarships may be granted for students who come from difficult economic background and nations. The reduction is on case -by case basis. We can’t guarantee any scholarship during the application process.

Cost covers everything: housing, food.